Buy Your Permanent Makeup Supplies with ANYO

Permanent makeup can be used for two uses, one is to save time and enhancing your features, whereas another side is for aesthetic appeal for those who have had previous medical issues.

If you’re running your own clinic, or if you’re just starting out, here is out guide on what to purchase so you have the best materials available for your clients. See what ANYO are all about.

Biotek  & Cosmetic Materials

1 Point HD Needle

This needle is a single needle that has been finely constructed. It is perfect for creating those direct hair strokes, as well as applying fine lines and can achieve 30% more colour saturation.

The needle has been created for all skin types including those who are sensitive, so you won’t hear any complaining from your customers.

3 Point Liner Cartridge

This needle consists of three long tapered needles, making it perfect for lash enhancements, lip contour as well as adding beauty marks.

These needles are joined together in a tight formation, allowing the technician to create perfect fine lines ensuring high pigment, great for semi-permanent eyebrows.

Shop here for other semi-permanent makeup supplies. Click here.

Biotek Arté Machine

This permanent makeup machine has been built for both medical tattooing procedures and aesthetic requirements.

The powerful needles propel into the skin with no effort at all, whilst having optimum precision meaning there will be minimal discomfort to your clients. You are also able to create precise hair strikes.

You can set this machine to 9 pre-set programs to create certain effects. You also get 1 years warranty. You can get all of this, for just £2,395.

Cosmetic Device

With this cosmetic device you can perform the highest quality procedures for medical micropigmentation treatments. You can purchase for £2,500.

It is designed with maximum power that you can adjust the speeds depending on the procedure you are doing, as well as having stable needle frequency. You get the best results with this.

There is no need to worry about hygiene issues anymore, as this machine was made with a cross-contaminating prevention system, guaranteeing high levels of safety.

Please be aware that all of the materials used within the Cosmetic and Biotek range have to be stored in certain conditions. Find out more information – get in touch.