50C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezer

ANYO have launched a new freezer, the ADF-798523, where the temperature range is -135C to -155C with a capacity of  251L.

Our most modern cryogenic class freezer offers reliable and stable storage of biomedical samples for a long term as well as efficient capacity, energy saving performance and comprehensive intelligent function for all.

The new V.P.I. PLUSTM Vacuum Insulation Panel technology maximises storage capacity to allow the storage of up to 14,000tubes (2ml). The use of V.P.I. PLUSTM technology actually provides 35% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer, without increasing the footprint.

The SAF function continuously monitors ambient and system conditions and notifies of any abnormalities before a problem happens. The freezer is also equipped with connections for a DN2 backup system as standard to prepare for any contingency.

The Graphic LCD Control Panel has pop-up menus and displays either the past month or past week’s operating data. The history of lid openings can also be displayed. The control panel can be locked by password to prevent unauthorized access to the control settings.

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