Air Purifying System Installed

ANYO Biomed LTD. installed six commercial air purifying systems with the “Virus Washer” (VW)¬†function in the “signet Lounges” of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) at a London Airport, Terminal 2.

This is to help ANA with its service differentiation strategies in response to heated competition with other airlines by providing clean air in airport lounges, which are used by large numbers of passengers.

Using electrolysed water, the VW function suppresses viruses, including avian influenza viruses, eliminates bacteria and deodorises the air. Thus it is a useful unit in various locations where clean air is needed. The six units were installed in numerous rooms within the lounges to purify the air and kill odours because ANA has been receiving complaints from users of the neighboring non-smoking section of the lounge about cigarette smoke and odours.

Since installation, the airline has been receiving positive comments on the improved air quality and even inquiries about the product.

The signet Lounges, which are upgraded lounges, are provided in 12 airports in UK to offer services for ANA frequent flyers under the slogan of “safety, comfort, and health.” In the signet Lounges in London Airports, users are offered newspapers and drinks. Massage chairs and English style reflexology are also available.

Comment by Passengers

Among all the air purifying systems provided by many different manufactures, we selected the VW because its deodorising effect was much stronger. Users are responding very favorably, and sometimes we receive inquiries about the product and its functions. Staff working in the lounge also favor the VW system strongly. Many staff members say they can really tell the difference in the air quality. We are considering installing the VW system in other lounges, too.

Comment by Domestic Sales & Marketing

Under highly competitive conditions, each airliner is trying various strategies to differentiate its services. To provide clean air in the signet Lounge, which is an upgraded lounge for special customers, is one such strategy by us. ANYO is taking advantage of these conditions to improve recognition of its VW products by placing its sales target on places where high quality services are provided for large numbers of people.

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